Monday, May 20, 2013

You Are the Dancing Queen...

It's been a beyond crazy past week here for me with Prom, Graduation, and end of the school year fun times.  If I were to tell you everything this post would be a million miles long.  I won't bore you to tears, so I'll just post pictures and a quick blurb about each of them.

In our village the school hosts a prom for the 7th-12th grade students as well as the community.  Yours truly becomes a dancing fiend  chaperone for the night as well as the decorator extraordinaire! This years theme was Rouge Dream... very girlie with pinks and purples.  The kids did a great job getting the gym ready and making it look like a different place.  The night of prom I hosted a girls afternoon and ended up curling not only my own hair, but 7 other teens!  My oh my did my fingers hurt by the end of the night.  Once everyone was ready and the music began there was lots of dancing and giggling that filled the night.  I am sure going to miss going to prom every year when I move.

Look at my kiddos!  I was seriously blessed with this class this year.  Our behavior went from second grade all the way to soon to be fourth grade material.  Many of us were struggling readers and are now able to decode and comprehend with ease.  Most importantly we love to learn and know how a community of people work together to make things better for everyone.  At our Friday assembly I had passed out two kinds of awards to reward my classes efforts.   The first was student chosen (These came from Primary Paradise TPT  HERE) and the second was picked by me.  (I got them from Mrs. Parnell's TPT store HERE )  Both of these were perfect for what I wanted to say to each child.  Also, my entire class  placed on the AR reading race against the 4/5 grade class we have been competing with, so everyone got a ribbon, certificate, and pencil.  To top everything off I had several kids that acheived honor roll and perfect attenance which means they were put in a drawing to win cool prizes.  And low and behold one of my kids won both a perfect attendance AND honor roll prize.  WOOT WOOT!


Friday was also graduation day for our three seniors at the school.  This year I was close to the two girls because I was lucky enough to be their FEA (Future Educators of Alaska) Adviser. I even was able to take the one in  pink to Anchorage for the first time in her life for a pre-teaching conference.  I think that made this year's graduation all the more special.  I clapped and hollered when I heard their accomplishments named, cried with pride, and celebrated their movement to the next step of their life.

Alright back to the grindstone.  Two more days until school is out and only 6 until I get home to Indiana!

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  1. I literally chuckled to see that you had THREE seniors. I can't even imagine! LIfe will surely be different when you return to Indiana, huh?