Sunday, May 5, 2013

CURRENTLY: I will always come right back to you

Linking up again with the infamous Farley for her Currently Link Up.  It might be my favorite post I do all month.  :)  I love the teacher blogging community.  I'm super mad I never joined up in the fun last year.  Oh well... se la vie!

  • Listening:  Where We Left Off by Hunter Hayes, might just be the quintessential long distance song.  Found it this weekend when I was in one of those ready to be home with my S.O.
  • Loving:  TPT/Blogger are my two favorite things to check when I come into the school daily.  Since I live so remotely, I go over the school for more than just work purposes... and some how these two websites end up being part of my fun time.  No complaints here. :)  I love teaching stuff even when it's the weekend.
  • Thinking:  GRADES will be due soon and I've completely been dropping the ball.  Grr.  Don't you hate when you are doing so many engaging and relevant lessons that it becomes tedious to grade?  Oh well... That's what my netflix and spotify accounts will be useful for these next 6 hours.
  • Wanting:  I think there is a pattern  here.  I NEED MY DIET COKE FIX.
  • Needing:  Mother's day is only a week away.  This year I will not only be buying for my own mother, but also for my little sister.  She's expecting her first bouncing boy in August.  What to do when you 4000  miles away?!
  • Summer Bucket List:  
    • First and foremost I will be participating in the Color Run 5K that will be taking place at Downtown Indy.  I'm super pumped to do it, since my best friend and I LOVED it last year.  It's also part of another goal for the summer, which is to drop at least 20lbs.  I'm not obese by any means but a good portion of self discipline wouldn't hurt my health. :)  
    • Second goal, but is my first priority, find a teaching job in Indiana.  I'm super excited to be making the transition  back home, but would feel even better if I knew I was going to be teaching in the fall.  PRAYERS, TIPS, and SUGGESTIONS are welcome!
    • Finally, I can't wait to spend time with my boyfriend.  Yep! 2.5 years together and 20 months of that have been spent 4000 miles away... we're done with being the Long Distance Couple.  Ready for some QT with my cutie.  (Terrible pun, I know!  But I just couldn't resist.)


  1. You are going to love The Color Run. I did a Color Me Rad run (same basic idea) and it was a blast!! The best 5K I have ever participated in. The miles go by super quickly and you smile the entire time. Enjoy it!!!
    ~Linking up from May's Currently~
    Happy May,

  2. I am not doing a run this summer, but I did one last month. They are having one nearby but we will be in Australia then. I am hoping to find one in the fall or next Spring. :)

  3. I did the color run last year! So much fun!! Fingers crossed you find a job!!

    My Crazy Life

  4. I too will keep my fingers crossed for you to find a job back home, what a relief that will be for you! Good luck in your run! =)

  5. Found you through the linky! I'm struggling with the same issues with all of this grading - goodness, I won't miss that part over the summer! You and your man are adorable! Good luck with your job pursuit!

    Love, Live, and Teach

  6. I would love to do the Color Run! It looks like so much fun!

    The Bilingual Teacher