Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of the Year Reflections

This is a perfect post to do on my last day of teaching here in the bush!  Thanks Miss Lifesaver for creating a chance to link up with other bloggers.  I might be a little obsessed with blogging after this year's blogger experiences!  I'm totally okay with that.

Without further adiue:

  1. What was the biggest professional challenge you faced this year?
    My biggest professional challenge was implementing my own version of writer's workshop.  As a second year teacher, with LOTS of room to do my own thing in the classroom, this was an amazing opportunity.  It was also a very difficult experience because I don't have much experience with the Writer's Workshop model.  And... to top everything off... I work with students who have had K-2 experience reading and writing in the Native Alaskan language of Yup'ik.  On the bright side my kids and I have grown exponentially this year from this.  They are all able to write a paragraph that makes sense and is on topic!  Yay!
  2. What was the biggest personal challenge you faced this year?
    Wow.  This has been quite a year of growth personally for me.  I guess the biggest challenge for me would have to be making the choice to move back to Indiana.  There have been lots of health issues my dad has been facing in the past 2 years, my little sister is expecting her first child, and I just found out my sister-in-law is battling breast cancer.  Not to mention handling a long distance relationship for 2 years has been another reason for coming home.  I can't wait to finally be there for my friends and family again.
  3. How do you think you've grown from your experiences?
    I think I'm a smarter, more mature, and interesting person because of all that has happened to me this year.  Getting to teach in rural Alaska has changed my life in more ways than I can explain.  I am no the same perosn that I was last year or when I started this job in Alaska.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about what's in store for me.  (Where will I be living?  What job will I hopefully get? Etc.) But, I have faith that my God can move mountains and has great things planned for my future.


  1. Thanks so much for contributing to my linky party! I really commend you for your work in Alaska. It takes a lot of courage to walk away from everyone and everything you know, and you stayed for two years! I feel your anxiety about life back in Indiana, and I am facing those same worries as we prepare to move back to Illinois. Here's to hoping it works out for us both!

  2. It sounds like you have some exciting changes coming up. Good luck!
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  3. Lots of big things happening in your life! I will be praying for your family and all the health stuff going on. My mom battled breast cancer so I know what a toll it can take on the family. She has been cancer free for five years now, which did give us cause for celebration. I love that verse-one of my all-time favorites.

    I don't know how I wasn't following you before-but I am an "official" follower now.

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