Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pineapple Teachers: The Power of Positive Thinking

Can we talk for a second?
It's not easy being a teacher. 
There I said it.

But sometimes,
the heartache and exhaustion doesn't always come from molding little minds everyday.

I've been blessed to have a wonderful school that I work at now.  But in my few years of experience that has not always been true. 

Some of the heart ache and strife  comes with working with other educators, administrators, and staff members.  
 I've come to recognize that sometimes you just have to be a pineapple.  
Yes!  That sweet and funky fruit has really got the right idea when it comes to being yourself.  Here are a few simple things I've learned to be true about being a pineapple teacher.
 What does this mean?
It means respect yourself.
It means not letting others take advantage of you.
It means to not back down when you really believe in something.  
This can be so hard, especially for new teachers.  
You don't want to step on toes.  You don't want to rub people the wrong way.  
But gosh darn it...  
Sometimes you've got to stand up for yourself and your principles.  
Don't be a doormat because you want others to like you.  
It only hurts you more in the end. 

  What does this mean?
Be the person that you needed your first year of teaching.
It means acting like a good royal. 
Kissing babies & shaking hands.
Doing what is expected of you and going out of your way to help others.
It means standing up for what is right even when it's not popular.
It means you will use your leadership the right way. 
A  good leader is not necessarily a superior, but is more of an equal.

  What does this mean?
Let everything you do reflect the the meaning you have on the inside.
It's easy to act and talk sweet but not have the right meaning behind it.  
That's where some people struggle the most with this.
Really think about why you are doing something.  
"Is it to help serve you or others?"
Really think about what you are saying.
"Is this truthful, kind, and loving?"
The answer to these questions will tell you 
whether you're being sweet on the inside or just on the outside.  

Being a pineapple teacher isn't easy, 
you end up with more self respect because you've stood up for yourself.
no one takes advantage of you.
others appreciate you for what you have to say and the advice you have.
you end up with true friends who don't question your motives.
the job is much more fulfilling.
your job is much more easy because your coworkers, your students, and the parents know who you truly are and where your interest lie.  

A pineapple teacher may not have the prettiest or edible outside, but she does stand tall, wears a crown, and sure has the sweetest inside!

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