Friday, May 10, 2013

Five For Friday

Does anyone else feel like these last few weeks are going by SOOOO slowly?!  My goodness.  In the classroom time goes by at a snails pace, but once the bell rings it zooms by in a rocket.  Probably because I am still in the midst of packing and applying for jobs.  Yay for linking up.  Thanks again Doodle Bugs Teaching for connecting everyone.  Here's my week in about 5 sentences.  I'll start out with the bad and end with the good.
  1. On Monday I got a phone call in the middle of the day, which is never a good sign, and was told to call my brother back when school let out.  That feeling something was wrong ate away at my stomach until 3:45.  I gave my big brother a call and my heart hit the floor with the news I got.  His beautiful and amazingly kind wife of only 3 years had been diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma.  The news didn't hit me until the next day after a particularly rough day at school.  I was a puddle of tears for about an hour, until I noticed how my brother and his wife are taking the news.  My brother has created a Facebook support page that has nearly 100 followers and is all about kicking this cancer's butt.  My sister-in-law is as amazing as ever with positive thoughts and posts about the news she's receiving almost immediately after she finds out.  So... instead of being sad and scared I've adopted my brother and sister-in-law's new motto of being WENDYSTRONG.
  2. Mother's DayHas anyone else read Mama, Do You Love Me? to their class this week?  It was perfect for Mother's Day and relatable for m y 100% Yup'ik classroom.  The story is about a Native Alaskan Inuit mother and daughter who discuss the conditions of love as only a young child and mother can.  My class LOVED reading the story!  They were proud to see their culture represented.  They loved it so much that I decided to have them use art to represent themselves as the little girl/boy asking their own mothers!  Here's what we created.
  3.  Moving/Packing
    Boy oh boy do I hate packing.  There's only 16 days left until I go home.  I changed my flights to an earlier flight, costing myself 200 dollars but saving myself 2 more days with everyone in Indiana.  On the downside that means I really have to get busy with my packing.  I absolutely abhor packing... Any suggestions on how to make it easier and/or more fun??
  4.  Warm Weather
    I know I know I know, it's almost half way through May and it is warm everywhere... except in Alaska.  Recently we had such a warm up that I went to the village store and picked up ICE CREAM! YUMMY!
    The Atmau Teacher Family goes for ice cream!

    With the warm weather brings melting snow and ice, as well as the kids staying out to play later and later.  Yesterday I was sitting in my classroom minding my own business doing something productive (Shocking, I know!) and all the sudden I heard "SPLAT!!!" and giggling outside my window.  It was several of the little girls in my class throwing snowballs at me.  :) Definitely made me smile!
  5. TPT Sales
    I recently posted on my FB that I will at some point end up selling my first and second born children to TPT because there is always such good stuff!!! You can never have too many good resources.  This summer one of my goals is to try to be better at creating my own stuff to sell and give-away on that awesome website!

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