Monday, March 28, 2016

Get Your Stuff Together by Friday

 I am not a very organized person in general.  Ask anyone who knows, loves, lives, or works with me.  It think it has something to do with being creative and type B oriented.  Whatever the cause I've learned ways to cope with my lack of organization that help me survive thrive in my classroom.  

I affectionately call it GYSTF.... (Get Your Stuff Together by Friday).  
All you need is a crate, hanging folders, a day of planning and you are set.  
Monday is my plan day, because I dedicate that day to stay late in my classroom and plan for the upcoming week. Here are some tips that keep me focused and on task.

  • Get a good planner.  I love my Erin Condren Planner because it gives me lots of room and I can change it to fit my needs. But "you do you boo".  You just need a way to record your lessons plans, materials, and events.
  • Next look at the week ahead.  Are there any holidays, school functions, or events coming up?  What about common assessments, state tests, or end of the unit projects?  It's silly to plan anything major when you know your time is already being used in something else.  It's also good to have these in your planner in case you want to make your lessons themed.  
  • When you're planning for the week make sure you use the format that works best for you and write down the materials you will need to make, use, or do for the lesson.  This is super important for later in the week.
  • Last but certainly not least... don't go home until you are completely planned.  Don't stress about prepping but have an idea of what you're doing for the week ahead.

 I spend the rest of the week doing a variety of things that allow me to go home before 4pm.
  • If you need to make something for the lesson these are the days to do it.  I love having the idea on Monday but spending the week making the material. 
  • If I print things during the week I will write in the corner of the paper the date or day I want to use it and then set it in my to copy drawer next to my desk. 
  • On days I'm super ambitious I might copy something for the week ahead, but I always make sure to sort it into the correct slot.

 This is where my crate comes in.  

Next to my desk is a crate that holds my plans, copies, and materials for every subject for the entire week.  I have it color coded and labeled... which makes all my type A friends very happy. :) That thing saves my life daily.  
Here's what you do on Friday.
  • Remember all those materials you created/found?  Print them.  
  • After they're printed? Copy them.
  • When they're copied sort them according to the subject and date needed.

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