Saturday, October 13, 2012

You said, "I'll Never Leave You Alone..."

I should really be sleeping... But you can always sleep can't you?

Today I flew in from the village into Bethel, the nearest thing we have to a city around here.  It's time for the 2nd years to have their first inservice for the year. 

First and foremost... God, it is so beautiful here sometimes.  I forget it when I'm stuck running from the school to my house and back all the time.  I took this photo to remember the feeling of flying above the world and seeing the world move below me. No editing... Just me and the light shining in....

Second...  I was so happy to see my friends (the guys I'd become super close to last year during my first year of teaching).  It's like no time has past whenever we get together.  We can all joke and goof off like it's the first time we'd ever hung out.  I truly appreciate and love all of them.  :)  Thanks for everything boys.

Listening to Taylor Swift sing about love and life... here's to wondering where my life is going!

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