Friday, October 19, 2012

Can You Find the Time To Let Your Lover Love You...

Rough weeks with behaviors but awesome week with activities.  Thank goodness for awesome teacher bloggers and Pinterest.  My kids are really holding onto what their learning due to playing/making/using awesome activities.

Math:  Double Digit Addition WITH Regrouping
Double Digit Addition With Regrouping Foldable (My sample!)
Kind of proud of my kids hard work on this!  This is our first time trying something like a foldable.  We took the idea from a very creative 2nd grade teacher and pinterest.  I gave it a Halloween twist by using black paper and colored pencils.  My kiddos loved it!

Reading:  Non-fiction Texts
Our principal was kind enough to get subscriptions from TFK and Scholastic News.  Both of these are current event magazines for kids that come with reading activities/lessons and TONS of digital resources.  With my struggling readers this is a God send!  I can pop the issue up on my Smartboard and have videos of current events flood the classroom.  It's been a great way to teach my students how to look for information in text as well as comprehension skills.  To introduce it I was able to find a scavenger hunt from TPT and we cut apart our first issue to display in the hallway.  My kids were proud!  Since then we've been reading at least 1 issue a week. 

Writing:  Biographies
As I've said before my whole class is ELL students and I'm the first year of all English instruction they receive.  That means a lot of help when it comes to writing and reading.  In order to practice writing about ourselves and discuss the purpose of biographies we used the Scholastic All About Me Poster.  Here's my undecorated poster to show you how hard my class worked.  :)

Social Studies:  Maps Skills
In social studies, which I'll admit needs more attention in my classroom... we learned about the world (from village to planet).  Learned basic map skills.  I took the idea of Me on the Map from CFC.  This was a bit difficult for my kids but they were proud with the final result. 

In Other News...
FEA (Future Educators of Alaska) is the up and coming club here.  It's also the one I took on as leader!  It's been pretty exciting to work with high school students.  Weekly they come into my room and work with students on homework and also have events planned for the school.  This weeks big project was helping create school spirit by making posters for our NYO Meet the schoool hosted.

Don't know what NYO is?? (see Native Youth Olympics for a better explanation than I can provide.  When a school site host any event they are supposed to house and feed students, chaperones, and coaches.  Below are the pictures from the weekend! 

We also had a haunted house.  Grades are due tomorrow and we have a Halloween Carnival scheduled for the afternoon.  No rest for the weary.

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