Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life's No Fun Without A Good Scare...

Sorry for the random picture at the beginning of this post... I got a new camera and haven't used it!

IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME AGAIN!  This year is going to be a fun one... I've been excited for a few reasons.
  1. Halloween is one of my top 5 holidays
  2. I get to dress up as someone else for a day!
  3. My class gets all excited about learning because it's themed.

The purpose of this post wasn't to talk all about costumes and trick or treating, but to tell you all about the cool activity my class and I did this Friday!  I said in my last post that my kids are big into reading our TFK and Scholastic News magazines... and this past week the cover story for Scholastic News was about bats.  Check out the story HERE! How appropriate for Halloween?!

My sample bat!
Student Bat
What the outside of my classroom looks like now!

The magazine came with the typical reading comprehension activities and an anticipatory worksheet.  Looking at the worksheet gave me a light bulb moment! I've been seeing lots of the teacher blogs post ideas of bat crafts and I decided to join in the fun.  The pictures are just a taste of what's in store for this week! 

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