Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Barefoot, Blue Jeans, Snow?

For those of you who really know me... you know I hate shoes.  Given the choice between walking in shoes, flip flops (technically not shoes if you ask me), and bare feet  I will always pick the barefoot option.  I think it has something to do with how I grew up walking everywhere without my shoes, on a rock tarred road, gravel driveway, and grass.  That bare foot walking has had to take a back seat this year since I've been living in rural Alaska.  During the summer months the ground was tundra and boardwalk which didn't bother me, but the blizzards and ice don't make friends with bare toes regularly.

Except for today.  Today is One Day Without Shoes.  Check out the mission explained better here. ONE DAY

So, I decorated my feet this morning and walked from my house to the school without shoes.  Much to many people's dismay the walk wasn't bad until I had to walk up and down the metal grate stairs for the school.  A fellow teacher took pictures and will help me take some more at the end of the day.  Hope those of you reading this become intrigued and find out more about the cause.  Because "One Day Kids Won't Have To Go Without Shoes" until then I'm going One Day Without Shoes.

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