Sunday, February 19, 2012

And for a while I will take it day by day...

Around Halloween I happened upon a dog that’d been sticking around the school begging for shelter, food, and love.  I couldn’t say no to the poor thing laying on our gym floor one afternoon, so I picked it up and brought it home with me.  Before that fateful day, however, I’d already been approached by some of the wrestling girls to get a puppy from their dog’s upcoming litter.  I couldn’t say no to them either.  So for 4 months I’ve had 2 little dogs under my feet and making messes all over.  I named them Ranger and Lil (Ranger because he was the rescued puppy and Lil because she was absolutely tiny when I got her.) Unfortunately, about 2 weeks ago Ranger started acting a bit lethargic and listless.  Within 2 days he got really sick and passed away.  Village dogs tend to not live long out here, even in the best situations due to lack of vet care and random acts of violence.  On the bright-side, Lil has been doing fine since Ranger’s death and makes my evenings and weekends all the more fun.

Another favorite is online time, primarily spent on social networking sites, Pinterest, and skyping friends and the boyfriend.  I would say I am fairly well connected to people back home thanks to technology.  Without it, I doubt if I’d really know what all is happening outside of major world events.  As for Pinterest, I can easily say, “Hello, my name is Dorothy and I’m an addict.”  I can’t help but fall in love with all the great creative ideas that I find perusing that site.  Most of my pins involve teaching, so I feel it’s a justified waste of time. ;)  I’ve even gotten some great use of the ideas in the classroom already.

  And finally, on a regular basis after dinners Eli and  I put on Dexter just to decompress from our crazy days.  He always claims the recliner and I curl up with a blanket on the coach.  Sometimes it’s nice just to turn off the brain and just watch something.

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