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#NashTeacherBash...Where Blogging Besties Meet

According to Instagram there are over 100 pictures with the tag #NashTeacherBash.  
I'm surprised there's not a million more, because my cheeks are still hurting from smiling so much.
In one of my last blog posts I talked about how much blog meet-ups rejuvenate your spirit as a teacher and this was no exception.  Before I tell you all about the trip I gotta stop and say a big THANK YOU to those that made this meet up possible.

 Host and Hostess
Lawren (Teaching is a Royal Adventure), Greg (Kindergarten Smorgasboard), Dana (Common to the Core), Alexandria (Classroom Action with Ms. Jackson),Cindy (Exploring is Elementary), Latoya (Flying into First Grade)
Aside from sponsors the meet up wouldn't have happened with out the hard-work from the wonderful hostess and host!  Those Tennessee teachers sure do know how to show this Indy girl how to have a real good time.  

Thanks so much for the generosity of all the sponsors.
GoNoodle and ESGI both had a big part in making our meet up such a great time.  Both companies really love teachers and seriously blessed us! Check them out as well as those below!

Some other sponsors include:

The adventure started with me driving Ciera (Adventures of Room 129) and Brenda (Primary Inspired) all the way from Indianapolis.  

No worries guys... we had lots of jams and snacks to keep us entertained.  There may or may not have been broadway blared on the way to Tennessee.  
Sorry again Brenda!
We rushed down to Nashville just in time to make it to a Nashville Sounds baseball game.  

Now.. don't ask me what the score was for that game because we were simply too busy talking with one another.
Seriously guys... we talked about everything under the sun.
And speaking of sun, it was a really sunny afternoon so I was really glad that GoNoodle provided some sweet shades for us to rock! We made it onto the Jumbo-Tron because looked so cool... or because we had the silliest dance moves.  Who knows?!   All I know is that I loved every minute of making new friends and ending our night with some breathtaking fireworks.

Thanks Greg for "coordinating" that.

Look at that face!  Can you tell I could hardly contain my excitement for the next day of the meet up?  I was definitely the first one up in our room.  Despite being a little tired it ended up working in my favor. I mean, I got a bit of extra time to work on this mop of hair on my head.

We made our way over to Atamology for the official meet up.  Talk about the cutest venue ever!  Super hipster.  Right up my alley.  Minus the basement having no AC in their basement.  It was a packed house when everyone showed up.  Over 60 bloggers showed up to eat, laugh, take pictures, and talk.
GoNoodle went above and beyond as sponsors by buying all of us delicious lunch from Jim 'N Nick's BBQ.   Just so you know I'm not one for southern food but I like me some country cooking.  Especially the pulled chicken bbq, mac & cheese, and cheesy cornbread.  Lemonade and cookies were also a nice touch.  There was even some sweet southern servers who totally rocked the event by serving us and even climbing on an unsturdy chair taking the official meet up photo!
Some of my best friends in life I have met through blogging and TPT.
Amy (Math, Science, and Social Studies Oh My!), Me, Ciera (Adventures of Room 129), and Brenda (Primary Inspired)

One of the best part of meet ups is making and seeing blogger besties.  There were SOOO many pictures taken and friends made.
Just a few of the wonderful women in the picture above...
Stacy Simpson (Simpson's Superstars) and I making faces after several photobombs occured.
Mary... my favorite person I met all day.
The girls from All Ya'll (Aka: my Texas Sisters) and Lawren.
A blogging bestie picture with THE TPT banner, Ciera, and Brenda.
All Ya'll Girls again, Emily (A Neighborhood Kindergarten), and Megan from Mrs. Wheeler's First 
 I even got to meet my future blog designer Kristen from Chalk and Apples.  Seriously you guys this girl is amazing with blogs but even more wonderful in person.
 She was giving this bride to be all sorts of wedding planning tips.
 I totally bonded with The Brown Bag Teacher over her awesome prize from Hatch Show Print and mutual love for Mumford and Sons.  Good taste in music transends state borders!
Why yes that is me posing with Smorgie and Mr. Greg from Kindergaren Smorgasboard.  
Are you jealous?!
Those two are the coolest people I've ever met!

Finally before we had used up all phone memory on pictures there was prize drawings.  I found out there are many methods to getting chosen.
I'll stick with my #pickme.  Totally helped me snag this awesome Scrabble Bulletin Board set from Eureka

After winning a giveaway and walking away with so much swag the girls and I headed back to our hotel room.  Can you say nap time needed?!  Post relaxation and cool down we made our way back to Nashville to have dinner as a big group.  Despite being "accidentally" left behind we made it to a delicious Mexican restaurant.

Shout out to the restaurant  Chuys for seating 27+ teachers in 15 minutes.  Ciera and I managed to snag a table outside two of our lovely hosts Alexandria (Classroom Action with Ms. Jackson), and Latoya (Flying into First Grade).
We ended up wrapping up our night at the breathtaking Opryland Hotel.  Basically all beauty of being outside with the blessings of air conditioning and escalators.  Seriously guys. It was beautiful!  After a bit of a walk we all settled down outside of a restaurant called The Library.
#colormeshocked I know...
Teachers hanging out in "The Library"
After several more photo opportunities this tired teacher had to call it a night.
The next morning we met for one last meal in this beautiful plantation home that hosts my new favorite restaurant Monell's Manor.
I could be a Tennessee teacher in a heartbeat 
if that mean I get to eat this kinda food for breakfast regularly.
I'd also not fit into my wedding dress...
Check out the beautiful Mrs. Mohr at her Instagram.  Pressure her to drink the blogger Kool-Aid and join our ranks! ;)
So much laughter filled the room and of course more pictures were taken.  
I was blessed to meet new blogger and Instagram friends.  It was quite sad saying our goodbyes to these people I'd only met 3 days prior.

 I'll take the words out of the mouth of my friends Ciera and Brenda.
"It's remarkable how quickly you bond with these people.  It's because you're surrounded by people who have the same passion and love for what you do (Teaching, TPT, Blogging, whatever).  You truly become friends even when you don't see each other all the time."

I'll leave you with one last photo from me and the KinderGlitter Girls.

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