Monday, June 22, 2015

17 Signs Your Teacher Might Be Engaged...

Since I get married in less than a month I've definitely been thinking a lot about getting married...  but I noticed this school year that my kids were catching onto the fact that Miss Wilson wasn't going to be Miss Wilson for too much longer.  So I decided to share with you these signs your kids might notice.
Photo Credit to the Amazing Shaun Frederickson at Firm Grip Photography
She always makes you listen to the same slow sappy playlist during writing time... which on Spotify is strangely named Our Wedding Playlist.

Her awesome candy rewards has suddenly been switched with veggies.  Yuck!

During silent reading time she can be spotted reading magazines about flowers, cakes, and gowns. 

Craft time has suddenly been renamed "Favors and Decor Time"

She dances at the copier mouthing Beyonce's "Single Ladies". 

She is making questionable fashion choices by breaking in her brand new wedding shoes at school.

You disagree with her stance on cooties.

The other teachers keep asking to look at her hand and won't stop going gaga over how "perfect" the ring is.

Her hair is either growing out for the wedding or is in all sorts of different styles she's test driving for the big day.

The fresh flowers on her desk aren't always picked by a kid.
She's getting called MRS. RIDGWAY when you know for sure she's MISS WILSON.
*This was a little specific...*

The post-its on her desk and computer have weird reminders like "CALL THE CATER" or "DRESS FITTING ON FRIDAY"

That awesome cupcake jewelry you gave her has suddenly been replaced by a rock!

Her ring has gotten caught in your hair at least once a week.  

Math problems increasingly reference her wedding. "If there are 100 invitations but only 25 RSVPs.... how many chairs will Miss Wilson need?"

She has a countdown and it has nothing to do with the end of the school year.
And who is this random person she keeps calling "Fiancee"?

Alright ladies... did I forget anything?