Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Half of my heart....

Thank you The Blogger First Grade Parade

With Election 2012 being such a big current event I wanted to do something to make it more relatable for my class.  I had them watching videos and reading articles about the real candidates but it wasn't nearly as engaging or applicable for us out here in rural Alaska. So I found the awesome Pint-Sized Presidential Fun Math Literacy Mini Unit to help bring it to my kids level.  They loved the books.  They loved the reading response activities.  They ADORED the election activity!  I took some great shots of what my kids created and the final results.

In other news, there is a national holiday coming up.  It's almost my birthday!  Oh and Thanksgiving too.  :)  What is on my schedule for Thanksgiving break this year?  Well, start with the crew of friends from last year, add 3 new teachers to the mix, and blend them all together in an Aliaska ski lodge.  That's right, yours truly will be spending the holiday break with non-other than awesome teacher friends and maybe even some winter sports.

Finally, the countdown has definitely begun!  As of tomorrow, I will be "Back Home in Indiana" 39 days!  Yes I did just make a reference to my state song.  I know I'm lame don't rub it in....  Anyways, I'm excited that time has flown by this year.  It's incredibly difficult to spend so much time away from friends, away from family, and away from... you guessed it, Nate!  


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