Sunday, December 18, 2011

There's nothing we can't reach....

The past month has been a blur of constant motion in my classroom and social life.  More so class... but still.  I apologize for the lack of posting.  But here are some updates.

My kids have done another round of MAPs testing.  Which should give more insight on the growth they've made in the past quarter.  With all the hardwork we put into writing and math I hope to see some of my strugglers make some major improvement... especially with the tutoring and homework I give them. 

Behavior in the classroom has had a great change.  It's great to see the maturity of my kids as a whole.  Yes, I still have some pistols that challenge me daily.  Yes, I do struggle with keeping some kids in line sometimes.  BUT, the class as a whole has come together.  They have began thinking of themselves almost like a family unit.  They take responsibility for each others actions, and talk with one another about problems.  Maybe all the social skills training I did at the beginning of the year has finally paid off?

I've got to make this statement:  "I am lucky to have the opportunity to come out and teach in this amazing and sometimes challenging enviroment."  Where else would I be able to walk to my job everyday?  Where else would I have the opportunity to bring in animal parts to study anatomy?  Where else would I feel like I'm making such a difference because I see the kids EVERYWHERE? 

But.... I'm going home in 4 days and will be walking into my best friend's and boyfriend's arms in 5 days.  To say that I've been looking forward to this is kind of an understatement.  Thanks everyone for  the support and love I've been getting.

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