Sunday, November 27, 2011

And For A While, I Will Take This Day By Day...

 This post is about business.  Wrestling business.  I’m not sure if I’ve addressed this in past blog posts, but I took on the roll of female chaperone.  I’d like to call myself the “Wrestling Mom”… During this past wrestling season I had many little jobs such as counting snacks, fixing booboos, wrestling with the girls on the mat, and sometimes running the workouts.  For the most part I’ve really enjoyed the “job”.  I loved seeing how the kids were growing up and maturing, not only in their wrestling but also personally.  

Being the perfectionist that I am, I have been trying to handle my own views of how things are going with the feedback I get from my principal, mentor, and colleagues.  Sometimes I get hard on myself and feel like I’m not doing enough, or not doing it the right way… but I’m starting to give myself more credit. Within the weeks leading up to my Thanksgiving break, twice my principal observed me.  The first one was informal and was more for her to practice observing with her principal mentor.  The second one was my formal observation for my job, which was even more nerve-wracking.  But, after a meeting and looking at the feedback, I am being a kick butt teacher.  “YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN.”  And “I LOVE YOUR IDEAS.”  These are the statements I’m holding on to the most. 

For the rest of my time until Thanksgiving I was holding on... taking everything DAY by DAY

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