Thursday, August 4, 2011

One of the Many New Teacher Blogs

These past few days have been spent meeting, learning, and eating.  Mostly eating...

Day 1 of training...   We did lots and lots and lots of introductions.  With the amount of introductions and get to know you activities I felt like I was back at RA training all over again.  It was neat though, to meet all the people that make my district tick.  We also got a brief overview of  instructional models and curriculum mapping.  But my favorite part of the day was spending time with the other new teachers.  It's neat to meet all of these people from different places and walks of life.  I actually stayed up most of last night with a girl from Wisconsin.  It's neat to see how, after only knowing a person for less than 24 hours, well the two of us clicked...

Day 2 of training... Today was spent learning about the culture of my future students.  We learned all the different aspects of culture ranging from music, dance, storytelling, and food.  There was sooooo much information that I feel like the Yuppik  pronunciations, the gestures, and experiences we learned about are about to dribble out of my ears because there is just no more room anymore.  We tried new food such as dried smelt, whale blubber, and seal oil.  Let's just put it this way... waiting in line to try the new cuisine smelled like it does at a harbor.   When we were dismissed for the day I was invited by the 3 musketeers or new male teachers to trek to a little store in town that I was told sold pets.  This store actually reminded me of a mix between a cheap Uncle Bill's Pet Store, a Dollar Store, and a Radio Shack.  After looking at possibly getting a hamster for the classroom we went into the local grocery store and picked out the necessities for our next week out in the village... which I only spent a grand total of $175.  (If you've seen prices here you'd know that was pretty good shopping.)  The day ended with a 45 minute boat ride down the river to a fish camp with stories.  What made this SOO memorable was the fact that it was constantly raining and super windy during this boat ride.  I'm pretty sure  my face and body are still recovering from being that cold and wet.

So far I've loved this district... and the people... and the time I'm having.

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