Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five for Friday.... Except it's late

Thanks readers for not lighting torches and picking up your pitchforks.  It's been an incredibly busy 2 weeks for this poor teacher.  Most of my post has to do with my chaperoning duties, but I'll include some fun stuff too.  Head on over to Doodlebugsteaching to participate in the Linky Party!
  1.  TESTING IS FINISHED!  Thank the Lord!!! I took this great photo on the last day of testing when I promised my kids we'd play with art tools.  I absolutely love bringing art into the classroom, because sometimes I think our kids are just TOO inundated with technology and jsut neeed to practice using their imaginations and creating something of their own.  

 2.  I took a high school student into Anchorage for a Future Educators of Alaska conference.  It's a conference held for high school students that are interested in going into the education field and specifically geared towards getting these students to stay and teach in their home state.  It was an amazing opportnity for my high school student to meet other high school student from different areas!  And... she got to experience some of the little things city people take for granted.

3.  I got some cute things in Anchorage, because I'm a total girlie girl and LOVE shopping as much as the next person.  Say hello to my new favorite top.  I've been soo afraid to jump on the mint bandwagon, but after I bought this top and matching heels.... I'm a lover for life.

4.  I also managed to have my high school student help me make a "Yupik Eskimo Polar Bear" for my little sister's bundle of joy.  Yes... my little sister is expecting and due in August.  I'm just now getting used to the news myself! :)
 5.  My mentor visited me for the last time this week.  :(  So sad to not get to see her again, unless I'm lucky enough to come visit her during a holiday.   But her visits were nothing but amazing.  She helped me prep for intereviews, moving, and even videotaped a lesson or two.  With all of her love and support I think I'm a blessed 2nd year teacher. I wish I would've gotten a photo with this amazing woman, but it has been quite the busy week.

Now I'll leave everyone with my ABSOLUTE favorite slam poet telling it like it is about teaching.

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  1. Yeah for testing being DONE!!! Cute top!!! I'd love to see the shoes. :)
    I totally agree with you about ART!
    Have a great Sunday!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties