Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Happy post Valentine's weekend.  Hopefully all of you are enjoying your continuous sugar high and love endorphines.  I had a great Valentine's day with my kiddos.  I even got this adorable card from another teacher's child.  :)  Made my heart smile!

Valentine's Day was quite a fun day.  I scoured the internet and found several awesome activities for our math time.  I ended up making a packet with two partner games and a final sheet with multiplication coloring.  The kids were well behaved, played well with their partners, and for the most part completed the activities.

After that we accomplished a major feat.  My class of 3rd graders completed a chapter book as a class!  Wooooo!!!!   That's a huge deal for my group of kiddos.  We read The Valentine Star, a chapter book that went with the Valentine's day theme.  We started reading as a class on Monday and finished as a class yesterday.  They were so proud of themselves and I was too!

After lunch it was PARTY TIME.  In the village the entire school roams the halls and passes out cards all day long.  It's important to remember that these kids are very related to the other kids in different grades.  Many cousins, siblings, etc.  So during writing time we finished handmaking cards and making our valentine's book.  My book is the most full... probably because I'm an awesome teacher. ;)
Then we made a silly valentine craft, and then began passing out the candy.  All I can say is thank goodness for Charlie Brown movies!  After the kids left it was time to get the annual Valentine's Day picture with Mr. B.  Thank goodness for good friends who like to dress up like me. :)

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