Monday, January 21, 2013

Babe You're Not Lost

The little things:
I can't tell you how good it felt to put  my feet on the ground in Indiana. Or how exciting it is to be able to hug my best friend instead of listening to her voice during her night shift because I'm living in a timezone 4hrs behind hers.  I also can't truly explain the butterflies that took flight in my stomach when I realized I would be seeing Nate for the first time in 5 months.

It's about a 23 hour trip altogether I believe and I did that with only 45 mins of napping to get home, but it was worth it.

I was picked up by my best friend at the airport, complete with squealing and hugging.  We drove into Indianapolis for a quick bite and a stop at the hair salon where Miss Wilson got a much needed and overdue new hair-do.

Now, it must be said we were on a time crunch because one of my Christmas presents was surprising my boyfriend with a 60 min professional massage on a Sunday when most places are closing early.  After my hair cut, Shelly and I rushed to get me changed and ready to meet Nate at Monument Circle, a place with lots of meaning to our relationship.  We managed to get there with perfect timing and my best friend took these truly sweet pictures.  So many people have told me they look more "professional" and "very engagmenty".  Thank goodness for iPhone technology and an awesome best friend with amazing photo reflexes.  It'll also helps I have such a cute boyfriend.  I'm so lucky...

Break was spent mostly with spending time with friends and family.  There was presents, traveling, and a great deal of hanging out with people I have truly missed.  Sometimes I forget how wonderful life can be, but I think that's what holiday breaks are for. 

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